The Conference will focus on:

  • Phase Transformation.
  • Recrystallization and Grain Growth.
  • Mathematical Modeling of Metallurgical processes and Microstructure.
  • Simulation of Continuous casting, Hot rolling, Forging, Heat Treatment.
  • Strip Annealing and Welding.
  • Advances in Thermo - mechanical Processing of Steel.
  • Structure - Properly Correlation.
  • Emerging Steel Products and application.


Important Deadlines

 Receipt of Abstract :   June 30, 2012
 Acceptance of paper :   July 31, 2012
 Submission of full text of paper :   Nov. 10, 2012

About Simpro

Steel research is chiefly driven by the desire to produce steels with tailor made microstructure and properties suited to diverse applications. Significant progress has been made in understanding the influence of alloying elements, hot deformation of austenite and its controlled decomposition during cooling, cold rolling and annealing to generate a wide array of microstructures